Easter and Glucose

It was Easter this weekend and whether you actually celebrate the holiday of Easter or not, there was no denying it was a beautiful couple of days!

Saturday Y and a few of his friends (Damien and Abby) went to Fairytale Town for their annual Eggstravaganza spring event. 

The Easter egg hunt was divided into different “divisions” according to the kids’ ages.  Y, D, and A had to go in the 0-3 age group though they are all on the old end of the spectrum.  The rules stated that all you needed was one egg that you then would trade in for a prize.  Having just had an egg hunt at day care the day before where each egg had candy in it, the boys ran around collecting as many eggs as possible and were the very confused when they were all empty.

But fun was had by all, and after a snack we went to see the Easter bunny.  Now, I am not sure if everyone has this experience, but I have never seen a “normal” (i.e., not crazy/weird/psychotic) looking Easter Bunny. 

This one wasn’t as weird as some and the kids seemed to like him, and I guess that is all that matters.




This morning, I had to go in for my 2-hour glucose test at Sutter to check for gestational diabetes.  It could be argued that a couple days after Easter (read: eating lots of Easter candy) might not the best time to have one’s blood sugar checked, but I have to have the test done before I am 26 weeks, and time is running out.

I know very little about gestational diabetes, but I learned a few things today (thank you Wikipedia). You are at a higher risk for developing diabetes if you:

  • have previously been diagnosed with diabetes (no)
  • have a family history of type 2 diabetes (no)
  • are of African-American, Hispanic, or Native American heritage (nope)
  • are over the age of 35 (well, I am not OVER it)
  • are overweight or obese (not yet, depends on how much Easter candy is left)
  • are a smoker (no)
  • have polycystic Ovarian syndrome (negative).


BUT, 40-60% of women diagnosed have none of these risk factors at all.  And typically women with gestational diabetes have no symptoms!  If they do, they tend to be increased thirst, increased urination (like you can tell while you are pregnant), fatigue (again…I am pregnant), nausea, bladder infection, yeast infection, and blurred vision.

Well, I have none of those things (except the aforementioned increased peeing and fatigue), so hopefully all goes well.  The doctor said they would call if they found anything to worry about, so I will keep you updated.

On the plus side, I started studying (for real) for my personal trainer certification while waiting all morning in the lab.  I now know some fascinating stuff about the circulatory and respiratory systems!!!

Question: Have you ever seen an Easter Bunny lately that didn’t scare you? 

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  • OMG! That easter bunny is so scary!!

    1 Lindsay said this (April 10, 2012 at 9:19 pm) Reply

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