Shamrock’n Update

Yesterday was the 8th running of the Shamrock’n Half Marathon –Sacramento’s largest half marathon.  This is the 3rd time I have run this race, but the first time while pregnant!  

Side note: This was not my first race while pregnant however;  I found out I was having another baby just before the CIM  so I actually ran a marathon while pregnant too!  The doctor said it was fine as long as I had been running before.  That just means I have to run another marathon to see how fast I can go while not pregnant ;)




The Race

Ironman Barry and Traci picked me up at 7:00 yesterday morning.  We parked in Downtown Sac and walked across the Tower Bridge to Raley Field where the Start/Finish line was.  All three of us had signed up for Wave 2 which was for runners with between a 9:16 and a 10:30 minute/mile pace. 

It was a great day for a race: overcast (a few rain drops as we waited at the starting line in fact) but not too cold.  Though Barry looks kind of cold:




I was a big nerd and made a special shirt just for the race:




Confession time:  I made my own shirt for two main reasons (besides the fact that I thought it was cute):  1) I am proud of myself for still running!  It has been harder than I thought to keep at it due to the fact that I tire more quickly and have to pee more often, and 2) I wanted to provide others with an explanation for my ever expanding gut should anyone notice.  My water belt greatly accentuates my stomach and I admit I am a little self-conscience.   Shallow, but true.



The Results

Overall the race went well for all of us.  Ironman Barry left us in the dust around mile 2, but Traci and I stuck together the whole race.  I did feel more tired than normal and I hesitated to really push myself; I just really tried to listen to my body. 

I drank a lot at the aide stations, and peed a lot at the Porta Potties.

This was my slowest half marathon ever, but that is ok.  Going into this race (and training) I decided I was doing this to keep myself running and in shape while pregnant, and that is exactly what it did. 

Now that the race is over, I am going to keep running, but I think I am going to stick to lower mileage for the rest of my pregnancy.  The longer (8 mile+) runs have really been taking it out of me (and come with a longer recovery time).  I am still really enjoying my 3-5 mile runs though, so I will definitely keep those on the schedule……along with prenatal yoga, and Jillian, and long walks, and long naps


Hope everyone had a great weekend !!

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  • You are amazing lady! Very proud of you! You look fabulous too!

    1 Melissa said this (March 12, 2012 at 4:03 pm) Reply

  • Yay! You made the shirt!

    2 Heidi said this (March 12, 2012 at 6:56 pm) Reply

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