The Dreaded Taper

For having no job, you would think I would be blogging all the time…but apparently I have found enough other stuff to keep me busy somehow.


We had a fabulous Thanksgiving with all of the in-laws at the Nances this year.  And really, who has time to write a blog when you have all this cuteness around?!



Hungry little cousins!


MN bbqed the turkey outside and it was delish.  I made the stuffing, candied carrots, spinach gratin, stuffed mushrooms, and my grandma’s/mom’s cranberry salad.  I don’t think most people are big cranberry salad fans, so its hard to get people to try it sometimes but I love, love, love this one!



Maybe this picture expresses a little better how good I think it is:

Just throw cranberries in the food processor (1 large package usually, but I used 3 small Trader Joe’s packages) and chop fine.  Add sugar to taste. Then mix in one can of crushed pineapple and one finely chopped apple (You could substitute a pear too).  Then add about a cup of walnuts if you so desire (I do, I do!!).  Yum!


But I digress…..




The running of my first marathon (the CIM) is in 3 days!!  I am feel very nervous and unprepared, but like everyone says, I just need to trust in the training.


I think the main reason I am not feeling ready is the fact that I have been cutting a lot of mileage, or tapering, these last 3 weeks.  I am following the Runner’s World first timer’s schedule, so over the past 3 weekends I have run 22, 14, and 10 miles respectively.


I know that tapering allows your muscles to rest and therefore improve your performance on race day.  It also is said to increase the glycogen stores in your muscles which will help you from hitting the dreaded “wall”.  And, it makes sense that you would slow down a bit before the marathon so as not to compromise your immune system and also have a better mental outlook overall (i.e., avoid the burnout of running 20+ miles every weekend).

All I can say is that the tapering may be good for my body, but it is messing with my head!!!





I have 2 questions for you:

1)  Do you like cranberry salad?


2)  Are you coming to watch me run Sunday?  I need all the help I can get!





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  • No and no. But, I like you and will be thinking happy thoughts for you this Sunday!

    1 Taylor said this (December 2, 2011 at 7:13 am) Reply

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